G Series 

Our G series of loudspeakers are high output, high efficiency and designed to deliver superb detail in any application.

We have a whole range of cabinets to suite every event.

Our G1-G5 cabinets consist of 1 LF speaker and HF, while our G6-G8 are D’Appolito designed with outstanding response and pattern control.

Our G4, G5 and G8 cabinets feature a coaxial compression driver, which offers exceptional transient response in the higher frequencies while the neodymium magnet reduces weight.

All our G range loudspeakers are able to be flown with either our yoke bracket built by our in-house metal fabrication department or optional fly-track.

All our G series loudspeakers can be used stand alone.

For greater low frequency output simply combine with our GS series subs.

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